A mortgage without a down payment would undoubtedly help one of the country’s biggest dreams come true – its own roof over your head. According to last year’s research, as many as 57% of respondents would like to buy a flat or a house. How do you get a mortgage without a down payment? Is it possible?

Can you get a mortgage without a down payment? Alternative forms of own contribution

Can you get a mortgage without a down payment? Alternative forms of own contribution

Many people don’t realize that own contribution is not just cash. A cash loan can also help you realize your own M. dreams. Let’s explore all alternative forms of own contribution and choose a convenient solution.

  • cash loan or non-bank loan,
  • another property,
  • overstating the value of real estate,
  • government programs.

By using these methods, you can legally bypass the requirement of own contribution. What exactly is this about?

Mortgage Terms

Mortgage Terms

Each mortgage, including a mortgage without a down payment, requires compliance with the conditions set by the bank. Who can sign a mortgage contract?
Mortgage – conditions:

  • 18 years old. Age is the most important at the time of loan repayment. We should not be more than 75 years old when paying off the last loan installment. Banks are cautious about older people because credit is a long-term commitment. The older the borrower, the greater the risk of loan default,
  • good credit history. If we are not sure what our credit history looks like, we can check it using credit check,
  • an appropriate amount of earnings, allowing you to pay your monthly installments. The number of dependents, other credits and loans, as well as credit card limits are important. The bank must know what we spend the money on and whether the amount remaining will be sufficient to regulate payments.

All these elements affect the assessment of creditworthiness. The type of loan plays a significant role here. The amount of the mortgage is high, so the bank will carefully analyze all the data and only grant a loan decision.

Where’s the mortgage? The best home loan


The best loan is of course the cheapest mortgage. What affects the cost of the loan? First of all, interest rate, commission, installments (equal or decreasing) and loan period, but not only. You should also take into account the cost of banking products that are attached to the loan, including credit insurance, life insurance or credit card.

When looking for a loan, pay attention to each of these factors. Only then will we make the right decision. Finally, we will tie up with the bank for the next dozen or more years! The choice can not be hasty, because buying an apartment is one of the most important investments in our life.